A small collection of news and stories about Cassandra’s work.

  • RMIT – Be True to You

    RMIT marketing selected Cassandra Fahey to represent an RMIT success story and inspire others to enrol in the university.

  • Dream Build

    Smith House

    The Smith Great Aussie House was recently profiled on ABC’s Dream House.

    You can watch the episode online:

  • NGV Melbourne Now


    The National Gallery of Victoria has profiled Cassandra:

  • Flinders Street Station International Design Competition

    In August 2013 Cassandra was the proud member of the Flinders Street Station, International Design Competition run by Major Projects Victoria.

    “It was such and incredible opportunity to see the great architectural minds of the world tackle the complexities of this project and such an honor to be involved with such a sophisticated jury.”

    You may view the Jury report here:

  • FLOOD SLICER Corporate Fit-out


    Flood Slicer are a prolific force in the field of architectural rendering and animations. Director Sam Slicer established her career alongside John Gollings in the mid 90’s and her practice along with Daniel Flood has boomed. They chose Cassandra Fahey to design their new headquarters in Windsor and desired a studio that would reflect their ideology and professionalism.

    Cassandra’s concept for the foyer was a “stop motion” wall. Much like the photographs of Eadweard Muybridge (1830–1904), :sequences of moving objects

    Rather than a series of stopped images, however, Cassandra uses a conglomerate of black, mirror backed tubes, much like camera lenses to reflect the movement of the passer by. The result is a striking, trickster wall which greets the clients to the Flood Slicer Studio.